Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I will never!!

Isn't it funny that as soon as we hear those words come out of someones mouth, we almost laugh?
Maybe it's a young person looking at someone elses child, saying, "My child will never act like THAT!" 
Or a young woman saying, "I will never marry a man like MY dad!"
And we laugh. How many times must we say that, and wonder if God is laughing at us?
I vowed I would NEVER marry a man younger than me, he would NOT have a beard, and I didn't want him to preach!
And God laughed at me, and sent Alex my way. 
Now, in my defense, Alex didn't have a beard when we met, and he wasn't preaching. He was obviously younger than I was though. 
God worked around MY rules, by allowing me to fall in love with Alex before he preached, and before he grew a beard. 

I told myself I will NOT have a lot of children. Now, granted all the kids this picture are not mine, but three are. And really, I couldn't imagine life without them!!

I told myself, my daughters will NOT wear pants once they are walking, they WILL be in dresses and skirts. And God gave Virginia dry skin. 
To punish me?
To hurt my girl?
Or was it to show me not to be so proud and to humble myself and know that sometimes things don't go the way I plan them, that I need to rest in His arms. 

I know my children aren't perfect, but, what does one expect, their Mom isn't perfect. 
but you know, He's still working on me. 
And.....He'll keep working on me until He takes me home.


  1. lol Maria. I vowed I would NOT have noisy children, I would make them quiet whatever it took, and I have the sweetest, loving-est little boy who yells about everything all day long! ;0) And there are other things I swore I would not do... now I never say "never," it's just not wise! I say, "I hope the doesn't happen to me, but I don't say it won't, because it just might,"
    - Naomi Rozak

  2. I was NOT going to have my children live in an unfinished house.... and I waited over 8 years to HAVE kids so that we would be financially secure when our kids arrived. I'm living with my parents in their unfinished house longing for the day when I can move into my own unfinished house but it's not happening as quickly as I had planned because we don't have enough money!!! LOL When we got pregnant with Lincoln we thought we had everything figured out... money in the bank, good job, nice house to live in... life can sure change quick. You just got to roll with the punches and try to learn whatever it is God's trying to teach you. =)