Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby belly

Know how some women have a baby "bump" not me...apparently my girls are big babies. 
When I was pregnant for Nehemiah I didn't show til I was about 7 months along. And, silly me, I was sad. I wanted to look pregnant! I wanted people to know, "I'm having a baby!!"

When Nehemiah was 7 months old, I was pregnant with his sister. I didn't want to be big. Sure, I still liked being pregnant, I was excited about number two. But people can be so mean. I dreaded the, "How close are they going to be in age?" with a look of disgust from people. Or, "Don't you know what causes that?" Or any number of other rude comments people would make. They hurt. 

This time around, I didn't tell I was pregnant until I was 16 weeks (I wanted to wait til I was 20 weeks and knew the gender...but after Nicole announced she was going to be having a baby, I also announced) My family was thrilled. Alex and I are thrilled. I know when she comes, my kids will be thrilled. 

I didn't start telling people until I was 20 weeks. Part of it was the fun in keeping the secret. Part was I didn't want to hear the comments. And, yes, I did hear them. I bite my tongue and smile. I love my kids. All three will be loved and spoiled by Alex and I. Yes, there are a few things we need to get for her, but we are not going to be financially hurting because we're having a baby. 

I have another appt on Tuesday. I need to ask for sure what my due date is. They've told me the 13th of July, and the 7th. So I go with the 13th, knowing my kids have both come late so far. But still say that I'm 23 weeks along. ;)

So far I haven't had too many problems. I do have low blood pressure which means I have dizzy spells and I need to make sure I am eating foods with salt to keep my sodium up. As long as I eat enough and I don't over do it I seem to do ok. But days that I get too busy to eat, or do too much I start to hurt. 

Counting down the weeks til our little girl is here! 


  1. My new doctor confirmed that my due date is the later one (the one I thought), so July 21st. I'm definatly showing and today at 21 weeks, I've gained 10 pounds, so I think I'm doing ok...

  2. Try not to let what people say offend you. Enjoy your pregnancy! And like Stephanie says, "yeah for babies!!!!" and I also say "yeah me!" I am having another grand~baby!