Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sometimes it's hard being a Mom. 
You have this child and want to protect him/her from all of the pains in the world. But you can't. 
You watch them learn to walk, only to see them fall. 
You tell them not to do something (or to do something) and it's up to you to correct them when they don't listen. 
You have them rely on you completely, and watch as they no longer need you. 
You watch as they get sick and you can't do anything to help them feel better. 
You see them hurt, cry, need, and want. 

But you always watch as they learn right from wrong. 
As they steady themselves and take off walking, with no looking back. 
You see the joy in their faces as they do what they were told, and you shower them with praise. 
As they learn about God, and say their prayers the first time, it's your heart that swells with pride. 
When they learn to share, to talk, to count, and all the other daily skills they need, you know you are doing your job right.

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