Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Revelations 21:5

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. 
Many people know how much we've struggled with Virginia's skin. We've tried creams, lotions, soaps, vitamins, doing nothing, wrapping her hands so she couldn't scratch, buying different pajamas, putting bleach in her bath water. 
I think this was when her skin was the worst
I'd taken her to the doctor, who sent her on to the dermatologist. What lovely news did they have for me? She'll outgrow it. I wouldn't accept that. My little girl was in pain. 
They gave me steroids for her,  something else I was not comfortable with. 
on top of her dry skin, she'd also gotten a sun burn. 
I'd taken her up for prayer, I'd researched. It would start to clear up, but her skin would still be dry.
 Last summer she'd gotten a sun burn, which helped clear up her skin for awhile, but wasn't a permanent solution. 

Many people would suggest different creams, lotions, soaps, but nothing helped. Each cream and such seemed to only upset her. She'd only scratch more. 

Along with her beautiful face being dry, her hands looked terrible. They were swollen and cracked. Sadly, I called them Monster hands b/c they looked so painful. 

Her legs were also dry. Putting tights and jeans on them would stop her from scratching. Skirts and dresses were not an option for her to wear, she'd very quickly start scratching. 

Many nights I'd cry as I'd look at her skin and know she was in pain. 
One night as I sat in my chair I kept getting colder and colder. When I checked the thermostat, it was set at 63. We keep it at 71. I don't know what caused it to get set to 63, but I started to think about it. Both kids rooms are upstairs. I know Virginia gets really warm in her sleep and sweats. I turned the heat down to 67 that night. The very next day, her skin started to look smoother! As the days and weeks went past, her skin became less dry. 

Soon she started to look totally different.  
Not only was her skin no longer dry, it was smooth! Her hands were clear! Her legs are doing better, but as before, when she's upset, she scratches them. 
Who knew that by turning our heat down, her skin would change? I believe the dry heat in her room was what was bothering her. I no longer put gloves on her hands to let her sleep. 

To some it may not be a big deal, but to our family, we still haven't gotten over how wonderful this blessing is!  


  1. I totally understand! We felt soooo blessed when we finally figured out what was causing the horrible ecxema on Ben.
    Knowing that your baby is not in pain is a great feeling.
    Praise the Lord!! He is always faithful!

  2. She looks gorgeous Maria! I've struggled with skin issues for years. In my experience the dermatologist has never helped much. And what works for one person doesn't work for another. Needless to say, tons of unwanted "advise" on it doesn't help! So glad you found a solution!

  3. Becca, it's so nice to know they are healed, and it's not a temporary clearing up.

    Mandy, I soooooooo know what you mean about all the advice!! And people would get offended if you didn't try what they told you.

  4. God is good isn't He! Its so nice to see her healed!