Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday I decided to try and get some good pictures of the kids. I take a lot of pictures of them, but they're normally just clicking away. 
I think they're a little too used to having their pics taken. Nehemiah kept trying to pose himself, which resulted in a lot of over-posed pictures. 
As you can tell, I was bothering Virginia as she tried to read her book. 
My daughter is a little bit of a ham...
He kept wanting to put his hands up. 

"Cheese, Mom?! Ok, I'll cheese!!" (The cheese went well with her ham)
A good picture of both kids, Yay!! :) 

She was so excited to see the picture of a baby in her book! One of her favorite words is currently, Baby! 
Right now BabyGirl is measuring a little small. I'm almost 24 weeks, and she's measuring about 23. I'm due July 7th! :) 
Tomorrow Alex turns 28! So crazy to think that 5 years ago I didn't even know this man. We met on my 25th birthday! So very much has changed in the short time I've known him! Can't wait to spend the next 28 years with him! (And many more!)

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  1. nehemiah and virginia are just too cute!
    love aunt jill.