Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

So, how was your Easter? Mine was....well, typical of being a Mom. 

I got the kids dressed for Easter, cute hats, new outfits (new to them....Nehemiah's came from Once Upon a Child, and Mom bought V's at a Mom to Mom sale)

We get to church with no incidents, kids are happy, we find a seat and sit down. Singing along to song service, I tell myself, "You should take V downstairs to go to the bathroom" (she's been working on potty training, her idea) Right as I think this....I feel warmth. Wet warmth. 
Siss and I go downstairs and I get her changed. I knew I was done with church for the day, I couldn't wash this off and be comfortable. 
We head home. Changed, get the kids to bed, and I take a nap. Get up, get food around for the cook out we're going to have at Nicole's house. 
We get there and Mom wanted to know if I had my camera, I did, of course. After she asked if I'd take a picture of all 5 Grandkids, I lined them up only to see, I didn't have a memory card! 

I put two pics on the internal memory, but didn't have enough room to take pics of the kids looking for candy. 
Stephanie came up with a lesson before sending the kids to find the candy. They were told that God sent His son Jesus, to find His treasures, just like we put treasure for the kids to find. The kids loved finding the toys, bubbles, and candy!

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