Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring cleaning?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh a clean house!!! Almost...

Alex and I have been super busy getting this house de-cluttered and clean! Alex got A LOT of yard work done! He rototilled around my lilac bush, and put a wooden square around it, and mulched it!! Now you can see the bush, and not the fence (which he tore down!!) behind it, and all the clutter and trash it collected! Yay!! :) 
He also got stuff down from the garage that was left from the previous owners! 
We both worked on our walk in closet to get it clean, got rid of the spare bed we had in V's room, and got her room all clean and ready for BabyGirl! Just need to get the crib put up....and the house is ready for her! :) (There are a few things we need to get, but they can wait til she's here) 
I cleaned out tons of the kids toys and got them ready for a garage sale. 
We are taking a load of junk to the dump tomorrow, and clothes and such are going to GoodWill!! 
It feels SO NICE to have the house clean, and it's funny to see Alex so excited about it! 

Now...I'm ready for chocolate. Maybe Rocky Road ice cream??

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