Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleaning house!!!

A MAJOR project that I worked on this weekend, was the kids rooms! Alex helped by having someone get the spare bed out of V's room. Once it was out....the work began! I organized clothes, cleaned out her cubby, threw out trashed, and got things ready for the new baby! 

Alex got some hardware to hang up the canopy above V's bed. Princess2 has a purple canopy that my Mom bought her. 

Here are some of her toys, I'm not sure why I have a chair in with them....I really do need to take that out. 

A shelf above her bed. Amazingly, she doesn't mess with it :)

Nehemiah's room! 

His room was clean, and his bed was made, but as you can see...he was in his room when I took the pic...and had been for awhile, so neither was the way it should be, oh well. :) 
I moved the location of his slide, it's no longer out in the open, it's by his window. There is enough room for a little body to get onto the slide. Neither kid has complained about the location. 
His bookshelf, kind of organized. 

One of the projects Alex worked on last Friday. He tilled around my lilac bush! Tore down that horrible fencing that was around it, and put this box around it, and got mulch for it, and put three stepping stones. He said the stones represent our three kids.


  1. ♥ what Alex did around the lilac bush!! Tell him I said he did a great job & the stepping stones certainly represent something wonderful indeed!

  2. I'll let him know :) I think it makes the yard look so much nicer!