Friday, April 8, 2011

The other day I was feeling kinda sad b/c my husband talked to one of my old bosses, and the man asked my husband if I still dressed "plain" when my hubby asked what he meant, he said "You know, long hair, long skirts" And I thought to myself, "Was that all I was?? hair and skirts??" Then today a little girl asked me if I was a Princess. I smiled and laughed (what was I supposed to do? She caught me off guard) She asked her Mom, "Is that girl a Princess?" And her mom told her "Yes, she is a Princess" She then explained to me that her daughter thinks anyone wearing a skirt is a Princess. And I realized, yes, I am a Princess, God is my King, and I am HIS Princess!!


  1. Nice to get the other perspective on it! I had someone once say that I looked like one of the people from Little Women. I did not know how to take it, but I choose to accept it as a compliment LOL

  2. God knows just what we need to hear! :o)