Saturday, April 2, 2011


A Video my Dad made in memory of Jason. Just a warning:You'll need tissues, it's a tear jerker. It's still a shock to me that he's really truly gone


  1. You are all in my prayers upon remembrance.

  2. Ted you did a wonderful job & I certainly can see the love you put into creating it. It made me cry as I'm sure it did you. Still so sorry for your loss & you're all in my prayers.

    ♥ you guys.

  3. Very moving. I wish things could have been different for poor Jason and for all of you. I think that was Mark Lowry singing, wasn't it? I know he's known for his humour but he really does have a lovely voice. Beautiful song. May the Lord continue to draw you close and comfort you.

  4. Ted and Janice,
    This is a warmhearted video. A wonderful, handsome young man. Jason is and always will be loved, cherished and missed, immeasurably, by his family and friends. It just doesn't seem fair for this to have happened. May the Lord keep you, comfort and guide you.
    Carol M.