Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good news...on a bad day

I finally got the phone call I've been expecting. The nurse from the Caring Clinic called to tell me the results from Nehemiah's ECHO test....100% normal. Not a thing wrong with him! We already knew that, but it was very nice to hear it. :)

I had my doctor's appt today. Nothing new really. She's quite happy in the womb.

After I left I decided to get McD's, since I hadnt eaten a real lunch...not that McD's is real food mind you....but I wanted SOMETHING. I knew it was a bad sign when the girl who handed me my food and drink SNORTED at me....you know...LIKE A PIG!!! When I went to get a drink from my pop...the lid wasn't on tight...and it spilled....all....over...my...truck!!! Grrrrrrrrrr
Oh, and earlier today Nehemiah busted his lip open. I think he's taking it better than me! He was in the bathroom while I was tryin to change clothes and when I'd tell him "OUT!" He'd spin in a circle and laugh. Well....when he decided he was gonna leave, he tripped over his own feet and fell right on the edge of the bathroom scale. There was blood everywhere. But don't worry...he was ok after I picked him up...and he liked sucking on the wet washclothe. Then he decided to milk his injury!! He'd wanted a bag of chips all morning that was on the desk and I wouldnt let him have it. We sat down in a chair and he was quiet for awhile, then looked at me sadly and reached for that bag, and who could resist a lil boy with a fat lip???

Nehemiah's favorite new toy (which he's had for awhile...) is Mr. Potato Head. He loves to take him apart then try to put it back together. Most time Mr. Tater has his face on upside down! LOL
Here's the face I told you that you couldnt resist....but don't worry... I am learning to ;)


  1. I think Mr. Potato head is an awesome toy! I'm glad to hear the good news from the doctor...

  2. LoL...I thought he was gonna have to fight my husband to ever get to play with Mr. Potato Head!!