Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did NOT pray once again last night that my daughter will come soon so I can sleep better at night!
I am NOT so uncomfortable during this pregnancy that I just wanna cry sometimes!
I do NOT have my bags packed and ready to go to the hospital at any time!
I did NOT pack more for my 16 month old than for my daughter and I! That's silly...
I did NOT get money from my sweet hubby for my birthday....and when he told me to spend it on myself think of what I wanted. Cuz honestly...I know what I want, right? Ha...NOT!
I did NOT use part of the money for know...the money I am supposed to ONLY spend on myself. OOps....
I am NOT getting annoyed b/c I haven't heard Nehemiah's test results from the ECHO test. So I did NOT call the doctor's office, and they did NOT call the hospital. I will NOT get the results tomorrow....maybe.
I am NOT doing this because I saw Leah do it.
And I definatly do NOT read MckMama's blog everyday...or close to it!
Join the fun! Tell me what you did NOT do...and be sure to click on MckMama's site!


  1. I love these that is noble to spend ur dinero on yourself!

  2. Maria,
    That is so funny to see this on your blog. I've spent too many minutes to get it in my blog with no luck. It won't let me copy the code! Grr... I keep getting a protected image pop-up! Any suggestions?

  3. LOL, I haven't figured out what to spend it on yet....

    Hmmm....I just copied it from the top of her "Not Me Monday" Then when I'd added it, I copied her website addy and put the link in it. You can take it off mine if you need to. :)