Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's in "Not me" Monday!!! Be sure to head to MckMama's site and see what else people did NOT do. (just click on the "not me" Monday banner)
I'm NOT still sitting in my house...not still waiting on Baby Girl to get here! It is NOT her due date TODAY!!!
We are NOT telling Baby Girl's name...even though I wanted to wait til she was here, Alex is NOT telling everyone. And I did NOT hear someone tell him, "If you name her that, I'm gonna call her Kentucky"
I did NOT buy Nehemiah more helium balloons b/c he does NOT like them so much and I didnt feel like hearing him cry when we walked past them! Not me....I never give in to my lil man. Who did NOT turn 16 months yesterday! *sniff*
I'm NOT excited about going to WalMart get Nehemiah a Christmas gift, that I DONT have a coupon for. Who uses a coupon for Christmas gifts?! Even though it's NOT a $10 coupon for a Sit & Spin.
I did NOT decide we're having frozen pizza for supper tonight. Cuz I am NOT doing laundry today. Who would be so lazy? Not me!!
My hands do NOT smell like Baby Magic b/c I rubbed it all over Miah's lil body, and I do NOT keep smelling my hands!
I was NOT so thrilled that Miah let me brush his teeth this morning that I texted my hubby. B/c Nehemiah did NOT go through a two week stage where he wanted to do it himself, but would just chew on the toothbrush. It did NOT frustrate me that his teeth weren't clean.
I am NOT lookin at carseats for Baby Girl. She has one already...and does NOT need a 2nd one. I am NOT looking at bright pink ones. But...I'm NOT going to be responsible and wait til next month.
I have NOT clicked the "edit" button about five times to add things. Nope...I always know what I'm gonna write! ;)
I have NOT decided that I might quit writing on this blog...

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