Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's "Not me Monday" again!! Be sure to check out MckMama's blog and see what others did NOT do (just click on the link)
I was not THRILLED Wed night to know that I was gonna be holding my lil girl soon! Story on that in another post...cuz I am NOT too lazy to post the same thing again.
I am NOT excited that Miss Virginia has only gotten up twice in the night each night! She does NOT eat, get her poopy diaper changed and go back to bed.
I do NOT have both of my children contained somehow. Virginia is NOT in the swing and Miah is NOT in his high chair coloring a pic!
I did NOT buy 3 bags of chocolate yesterday at WalMart and I certain would NOT eat a Snickers bar for breakfast! No way!
I am NOT happy that I lost weight! (Ok...having a baby does NOT help *grin*) And I do NOT plan on asking when I take Virginia to the doctor if I can get on the scale...nope..I am NOT that vain!
I did NOT send Miah to church with my Mom yesterday...even though she was already watching another baby.
My back does NOT still hurt so bad that I wanna cry! What's up with that? I had my baby...pain was supposed to stop! :(
I am NOT dreading going BACK to the hospital again today! I did NOT go yesterday! *sigh*
I am NOT going to turn the computer off now so I can get to the hospital in time!

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  1. Hey, chocolate is part of the essential food groups for moms! ;-)

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