Saturday, October 10, 2009


We're enjoying this beautiful fall day!! Alex is outside mowing the yard, and Miah and I are in the house just hanging out.
Yesterday Alex and I wanted to take Nehemiah to the Zoo...but it rained...ALL day! Of course today it's bright and sunny and oh so nice out! We ended up going to FT Wayne anyways and getting some things we needed. I got bottles and pacifiers for baby girl, new pillows for all three of us...Miah decided he needed one! He kept turning around in the cart and laying his head on we bought him one as well.
I used up part of my birthday money from Alex!! I bought one of those chair vibrater/heating/cooling things. I think Alex enjoys it a little more than me! I don't like sitting on it! It hurts.
We got the rest of my Mom's birthday gift. Nehemiah "helped" pick it out. We took it to her last night, and she gave me my birthday gift. Hmmm...something tells me that my Mom knows me pretty well...she got me a Target gift card!! :)
Can you tell I'm ready to go to the hospital at any time?! *grin* The pink bag is baby Girl's, blue one under it is mine...and the laundry basket on the floor is for Miah!

It takes big Popeye muscles to be a big brother...and Nehemiah is ready!!

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