Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Late nights.

As Alex and I were going to sleep tonight I hear Nehemiah screaming. Something he's learned to do recently when he REALLY wants my attention. I went into his room to check on him...and he started walking to me! No...he was NOT in his crib!!! He'd piled up his blankets and got out of his crib somehow! Thank God there was a box of diapers to soften his fall. Actually, Thank God for keeping His hand on Miah! He was just shaken up and his heart was racing.
So now him and I are downstairs hanging out to make sure everything is ok while Alex was checking the bed to make sure Miah couldnt get out again....Nehemiah fell into the door! *sigh* He seems to be ok, just tired I'm gonna put him BACK in his crib, and he should stay there!


  1. Oh my! Sounds like Nehemiah is a real live wire! Good luck keeping him in his crib and so glad he didn't hurt himself when he escaped :).

  2. I never thought he'd be the one getting out! I thought it was would be my nephew Micah! I'm really glad that box was there to break his fall!! And I know it did, cuz it was smashed pretty good! God knows how to arrange things! I told Alex I'm glad we were in the ER last night, but it would have been kinda funny, Nehemiah had picked out his own pj's last night...and they had ambulances on it!!! Ack!

  3. Sorry...we DIDNT go to the Er.....