Saturday, October 24, 2009

Virginia Hope Magoulas

Wednesday night I went to bed knowing they were going to induce me at 6 AM on Thursday. (I'd scheduled it a week before)
Little did I know...I was already in labor, and had been having contractions for awhile.
Soon after the nurses had me hooked up to the machines, they checked the one that tells when and how hard your contractions are...and told me, "You're having one now!"
I felt kinda silly b/c when they asked when they started I said, "I don't really know, they've been happening for awhile, I thought she was just kicking and pushing me really hard"

She came at 1:15 PM. She would have came sooner....but the doctor had better things to do. *rolls eyes* He had some surgeries, and a C-section. I pushed for 10 mins...and then my beautiful baby girl was here!
Daddy was the first one to hold her!

She's barely a day old in this pic...but already looks alot older! She even rolled over onto her side earlier today!

Not the best pic....but I sure was happy to be holding her!

Nehemiah acts likes he's in love with his lil sister. He's been kissing her alot, and telling her "HI", when she fusses, he's the first one checking on her! He even pulled his rocking chair up to her swing and "read" her a book.
Tomorrow I have to take her back to the hospital to get her billy-level checked. She's on a billi-blanket due to being jaundice. So please pray that she passed tomorrow and doesnt have to be on the blanket any longer.


  1. Wish my labors were a breeze like yours =D She's such a cutie! When I saw her photos the day you had her, I wondered if her bilirubin levels were high. Jaden came out so jaundice, too, but after 5 days on the blanket he looked less and less like a carrot =D Hope your recovery is going well! Take care!

  2. She is beautiful, Maria!!!
    I'm glad everything went well for you! Can't wait until it's my turn!
    Nehemiah looks like he's thrilled to be a big brother :o)

  3. She is a doll and Miah kissing her is so cute! I hope my labor goes as easy. ;) I'm always afraid I wont know when I'm going into labor or something.. haha I'm so happy that she is here :)

  4. Seriously, I cant believe you pushed her out in ten minutes! And I'm not just saying this, but Virginia is simply gorgeous. Perfect lovely little baby. You two are so lucky to have another miracle in your lives. Makes me want to cry. Maybe I could come over and see her sometime.

  5. Jeannie, this labor was very easy....Miah wasnt so much, but those were problems with him, not with me. He'd swallowed his maconium, cord around his neck, not breathing, things like that. He was jaundice too...but not as bad as Virginia. LOL...she does look like a carrot...but at least it's not something that will harm her.

    Becca, thanks!! Are you ready?? *grin*

    Karisha, apparently I didn't know! But they told me if I'd waited another couple hours....I'd have known and been in there! :)

    Beka, they did cheat and use a vacuum, not because they needed to...but b/c the doctor was in a hurry. It is amazing to look at her and think that in only 9 months she was formed...within me! You spend all the time taking care of yourself and wondering how they'll look, and how the other kid(s) will respond and then there
    (s)he is! Come on in the next time you are peeking through my window! ;)

  6. Congratulations! Virginia is lovely!

  7. wow!Al is smiling(wicked sweet smile)